Misc Unsigned Bands - Truckstop Darlin - King Of The Highway chords

King of the Highway

by Truckstop Darlin’

Standard Tuning
Capo 5th fret

G There’s a coal minin’ town
Where the sun never sleeps
EmIt’s cold in Alaska
Her tears freeze to her cheeks
CAnd there’s an old man that loves her
GHe’s comin’ home, life or death.
GTwo months drug by
Since the day he first left
EmHe can still hear goodbye
He can still see her breath
CIn that cracked sideview mirror
GThat he swore he’d fix last time
GThirty miles from home
Dogs bark and red lights flash
EmI love Marie, still tattooed on the dash
COf that jackknifed freightliner,
GPhone rings, 2 AM
D C GHail to you, you’re the king of the highway now x 2
GThat frozen hell it took him
And he ain’t coming back
EmBut her memory’s still thick
Like this ice that never cracks
CIt’s damn cold in Alaska
GAnd that sun never sleeps
GShe’s got his old CB box
She yells - “breaker, breaker 10”
EmWon’t you honk if you see the ghost of that truck drivin’ man
C GAnd please tell him that I love him, and tell him this
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