Misc Unsigned Bands – Forever - Talibon Pym chords

Forever - Talibon PYM
For those who don't know this song yet, it doesn't hurt to listen to the link below...

In STANZA chords, use these:

G D Em --=-- --=-- --=--
3 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 2 3 2 0 --=-- --=-- --=--
Intro: G - D - Em I.
G D Em A lot of times that in my life,
G D Em I feel alone deep inside,
C D My soul is searching for a meaning,
C D My heart is thirsty for your truth,
Am C D My life is clouded with confusion,
Am C D Lord I have no one else but you.
Em D C So here I am, Lord I bring to You myself,
D Bm Em Even though I'm not that worthy,
Am D Em 'Coz I'm a sinner, but even so,
D C Lord I bring to You my soul,
D Bm Em C D G Knowing that You love me, forever and always.
Fill-in: (Use the Intro Chords) II. (Do stanza chords) Yes I know that I'm not worthy, To call You my Lord and my God, Lord I am searching for forgiveness, I can't lead away from your love, My life is nothing without you, Lord I have no one else but you. (Repeat Chorus 2 times) Ending:
Cm G Mmmm... hmm...
Thanks and please watch the link to the video above to guide you in this music. This is an awesome song so thumbs up!
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