Misc Unsigned Bands – Little Kim The Alley Apple 3 - Cornbread And Butterbeans chords

As heard here: http://littlekim.bandcamp.com/track/cornbread-butterbeans


D GCornbread and butterbeans and you across the table
A D Eating beans and making love as long as I am able
D GHoeing corn and cotton too and when the day is over
A D Ride a mule, you crazy fool, and love again all over
D GGoodbye, don't you cry … I'm going to Louisiana
A D Buy a dog and a big fat hog and marry at Saint-Anna
D GSing-song, ding-dong, gonna take a trip to China
A D Cornbread and butterbeans, and there to Carolina
D GWearing shoes and drinking booze is going against the Bible
A D A necktie will make you die and cause you lots of trouble
D GStreetcars and whiskey bars and kissing pretty horsemen
A D Whoa man, that's the end of a terrible beginning
D GCan't read and don't care and education's awful
A D Raising heck and writing checks, that ought to be unlawful
D GSilk hose and pretty clothes are just a waste of money
A D I can see how glad you'll be to marry me, my honey
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