Misc Unsigned Bands – Shine - Jessica Tyler chords

Capo: 4


Em C GSinging out loud laughin out loud in the backseat.
DEverybody knows the words.
Em CClappin hands swingin hips
G DShakin head to their own beat listen to the music.
Em CHear the melody follow the beat
G DDadadatda that's how it goes now.
Em CIt's confusin and amusin and
G DIt's movin the rhythm is all around.
Em COn and on jumpin up and down.
G D EmSHINE just believe touch the sky
COpen your heart and take it all in.
G D EmSHINE dream a dream learn to fly.
CShow the world your emotion.
VERSE 2 (SAME AS 1) Em, C, G, D CHORUS (3x)
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