Misc Unsigned Bands – Exept My Angel - What Has Happened To Me chords

Tuning: Standard -(EADGBe)

Capo 2nd fret

INTRO:   Cadd9 – G – E – Cadd9

Cadd9Can you see,
D AWhat's happened to me?
F EI'm crumbling,
Em Cadd9 GIts a thread, that i pull, that i grip,
FTo keep you in my arms.
GHere’s a tip,
Cadd9Lay off the crappy jokes,
G‘cause there not funny, no, no, no,
F EAbuse those privileges, like there yours,
A DI’m not fighting, not fighting for you,
EmNo I’m fighting for me,
Cadd9 So now you should see,
D AWhat’s happening to me.
SOLO: G – E – A – D – A – E – F
Cadd9 There is one more question,
D EYou need to answer.
F Do you love me?
G AYeah that the question
F GBefore I forget, that was the question,
EI asked you,
A DWith tension, impatience,
Cadd9And you said well see…
Cadd9After you can see,
A DWhat’s happening to me?
GBut now it’s the other way round,
AIve changed since then,
DAnd you haven’t,
Cadd9And that makes the equation,
SOLO: E – F – G – Cadd9
GSo can you see,
DCan you see?
DCan you see?
AWhat’s happened to me?
Cadd9 Em Cadd9What the hell has happened to me?
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