Misc Unsigned Bands – Lisa Bullard - Like I Do chords

capo 2

C D G Cadd9 x2

C DI dont care if you love her or not
G DI dont want the trouble we fought
G Cadd9i want to see you by my side
C DI dont want her here with you
C DI dont want you staring at her
G Cadd9Cause i love you more than she ever will
G Cadd9 Dshe doesn't care like i do
G C Dshe doesn't know you like i do
G Cadd9 DShe'll never love you like i do
G C DI know everything about you
Em D*Including how you love her
but that should be me C D G Cadd9 you say you lover immensely you say she's the one for you but she said no you told me get over the other guy you said just find another guy and so i have CHORUS
C Dyour favorite colors green
C Dthat girl, she makes you smile
C Dsaid you'd treat her like a queen
D Dyour poems stretch a mile wide
G Cadd9but they're all about her
Em Di've written songs about you
Em Dand now you can expect more
Chorus (Chorus) you say, "he doesn't know you like i do he'll never know you like i do he'll never love you like i do i know everything about you and you make my dreams come true" but thats just a dream
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