Misc Unsigned Bands – Chords Of Truth - When I Was Wasted chords

When I Was Wasted | Chords of Truth
Written by Jason Garriotte 

Tuned down 1/2 step

Am F C GPhrases are formed as a sequence of words, and countless are frequently heard
Am C F C Em Which words to choose, can be used and abused when people are getting wasted
C Am C AmThey seem to be, sharing stories with me, that display the courage they thirst naturally
C Em GWhen they are sober They say
F C F CWhen I was wasted Remember When I was wasted
F C Em G I was cool When I was wasted
Am F C GIn this state of mind, fate seems divine and the narrative is aligned
Am C F C EmWith this one time, you crossed over the line and got totally wasted
C Am C Amif this occurs, try to discern, whether this story really needs to be heard
C Em Gor is it stupid No really this time
F C F CI got wasted I was seriously wasted
F C Em G I was a fool When I got wasted
Am F C GNow dont get me wrong, as I sing you this song, I love a buzz all day long
Am C F C EmBut I stay controlled as I let myself go, even as I get wasted
C Am C AmRolling with new plans, avoiding one night stands, keeping myself safe and away from gangland
C Em Gits about choices Its such a blast to get
Chorus 2x:
F C F C wasted Right now I am wasted
You wont believe what I did F C Em G When I was wasted
F C When I was wasted
When I was wasted When I was wasted Em G C
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