Misc Unsigned Bands – Chords Of Truth - Pop Or Soda chords

Pop or Soda | Chords of Truth
Written by Jason Garriotte 

(Capo 1)

Am Dsus Am DsusThere is a drink that I savor, That burns my throat with dazzling flavor
Am Dsus Am DsusIts not rum, bourbon or whiskey, the craving starts when I get thirsty
C G F C It makes no difference what you say, they taste the same either way
B7 C D C EmIts Pop or Soda
B7 C D C Em Its Pop or Soda
Your hometown does imply, Which term signifies The bubbling bliss that surrounds, Your lips and teeth and your tongue Chorus Bridge: C Am Dm F Am C B7 Am C Dm F C Am E Some people like to criticize, and assume they are right but it can go both ways, you should not have to rephrase Chorus
B7 C D C EmIts Pop or Soda
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