Misc Unsigned Bands – Conjure Elysian - Mystified chords

Mystified - Conjure Elysian
Possibly one of the easiest songs. Finger picking, strumming, and timing can all 
be worked out just from listening. These are the chords.

Am	F
Am	F
Am F E Am F E Verse Here in the dark, we wait with our eyes adjusted dearly our time alone and unspoken Mystified, by free lives waiting and asking Chorus Why oh why, why oh why Verse What if the world, was not what it seemed what if our minds made it to be What if the places we go, the things that we know the people we meet, were all just a part of some big Chorus Dream, a dream, a dream what if itΒ’s all just a DREAM Verse All that we feel, we know and believe be an illusion of our minds, uncomprehendibly blind Time, space and life, once trapped now in flight on a quest of enlightenment, for a life of a free MIND Chorus Mystified, by free lives
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