Misc Unsigned Bands – Dana Jo Forseth - All Of Me Wants You chords

All of Me (Wants You) - Key of B
(c) 1999 Dana Jo Forseth

Intro:  B

Verse:                              Bridge:    
B  E  F                              F  E  B
B  E  F                              F  E  B
E  F  B  E                          F  E  B
E  F  B                              E  B  F

B E FI used to have a vision of bein' an old-time Ozark Mountain wife
B Knittin' sweaters, sewin' quilts
E FWhen I was eight, I thought I'd spend my life
E FLookin' after a lumberjack,
B EThere'd always be plenty to do
E FPart of me always wanted a mountain man
BBut all of me wants you
B E FWhen I was young, I used to love to fantasize about the beach
BWatchin' the sunset from the shore
E FThat kind of life was out of reach
E FBringin' in the nets with a fisherman
B EWho I'd love my whole life through
E FPart of me may always want the sea
BBut all of me wants you
F E BI never would be happy in that cabin in the woods
F E BOr swayin' in the salty ocean air
F E BBut when I'm in your arms there isn't anything as good
E B F'Cause lovin' you could take me anywhere.
B E FI always thought that I'd end up with a tractor-drivin' kind of man
BThe kind who'd try to make a living
E FFrom the way he loved the land
E FEatin' dinner in a truck
B EWhile we listen to the 6 o'clock news
E FPart of me may never leave the farm
BBut all of me wants you
F E BIt doesn't really matter now, just who I thought you'd be
F E BOr where I thought that I'd grow old and grey
F E B'Cause love your life or leave it, you're the only one for me
E B FAnd I wouldn't have it any other way
B E FSo we can take the mountain roads and build a fire on a starry night
BOr leave our footprints in the sand
E FUnderneath an ocean sky
E FHead back home and help with harvest
B EIf it's somethin' we'd like to do
E FThen go back home and spend forever
B'Cause all of me wants you
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