Misc Unsigned Bands – Kyle Hicks - Lying Awake tab

			     LYING AWAKE - Kyle Hicks
Tabbed by: Kyle Hicks
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Riff off the D (Also the Intro)e|-2--2-2-2-2--3--2-3--5--3-2-3-2-0-2--2-2-2-2--3--2--0---------------3------|B|-3--3-3-3-3--3--3----5--3---3-----3--3-3-3-3--3--3--3-----1---------3------|G|-2--2-2-2-2--2--2----4--2---2-----2--2-2-2-2--2--2--2--------0--------0----|D|-0--0-0-0-0--0--0-------0---0-----0--0-0-0-0--0--0--0------------0---------|A|-------------------------------------------------------3---------2---------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------3---------|
Song Structure: [INTRO] | [VERSE 1] | [PRE-CHORUS] | [CHORUS] | [INTRO] | [VERSE 2] | [PRE-CHORUS] | [CHORUS] | [SOLO] | [CHORUS] | [OUTRO] [Intro] [Verse 1] D I might be insane, but hey what's your number, C G This line isn't working, I'll just try another. D But all jokes aside because this ain't no game, C G Can I get those digits to see you again. D You seem to be nice, girl you seem to be pure, C G But then I just met you how can I be sure. D You won't pull off the white to reveal all the red, C G And so I keep thinking, while I'm lying in bed. [Pre-Chorus] C G D Could be a wolf dressed like a sheep, C G A Whichever it is, I still can't sleep. [Chorus] D And I'm lying awake, down on this bed, C Everything's blurry, going 'round in my head, G D Just met you, so I can't explain. D Why you're all I ever think about, all that's on my mind, C But when you start to fade away, you come back every time, G A D And I cannot wait, unitl I'm lying awake. [Verse 2] D Line after line, same old song and dance, C G First I never saw you, not even a glance. D There's something about you, it did catch my eye, C G Now I can't tell one of your truths from your lies. [Pre-Chorus] C G D What have your words done to me, C G A This is now it, my final plea. [Chorus] [Solo] (Verse Progression followed by Pre-Chorus Progression) [Chorus] [Outro] (Chorus Progression)
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