Misc Unsigned Bands - The Fln - Razor Spirit chords

Song & Lyrics:Farah Hani a.k.a FarahLahNiey
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Capo on 2th Fret

EMYeah,this blues' song,
GI made it long,
D ADon't expect me to write it until I got fame,
EMI'm under dog,
GYou'll never knew,
D AKeep my feet to the ground,but you can push me down!
EMSometimes I fall,
GI've been thrown out,
D ABut that doesn't mean,I'll always under your knees,
EM GI have my pride,I got razor speaks,
D AThe only weapon to cut your swagging meat!
EM,G,D,A(2x) Chorus:
EM GMy name is now on the blackhole's list,
D AWhat I have done,sure you won't believe,
EM GBut that's what life is supposed to be,
D AThe more you fall,the more you're learning
EM GBelieve yourself,there's no other,
D AYou're the one who made choice,You're the one can get lost!
EM GBelieve yourself,believe yourself!
D Trust my words,cause you know,
AI got razor speak!
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