Misc Unsigned Bands – Aiden Talbot - Slippery Slope chords

Video Uploaded to Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6slD8eoN6wA

I wrote this song with a capo on the 2nd fret but you can adapt this to suit your voice :) 

Verse 1:

G D Em CHis father used to say, 'What'l it be.. tea or coffee?'
G D Em C'One day we'll be far away, on a beach with girls and lots of money'(He said)
G D'Son one day, we'll be just fine'
Em CBut now he's locked up serving six years nine
G D And now the kid sits at home plays guitar all day
Em CWith his best mate Stella and a spliff to blaze. (Singin')
Chorus. (Strumming pattern: Down, down, up, up, down, up,)
G D One day, we'll be just fine
Em C Maybe further down the line (Singin')
G D One day, we'll be ok..
Em C One day.. Just not today.
Verse 2: Now the kid gets a house and moves in with his bird But then she starts cheating or thats what he's heard Things didnt go quite as smoothly as planned and the kid runs away to... Amsterdam. He smokes high grade till the cows come home But when he gets back he's still all alone. Pre-chorus. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Chorus. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Verse 3: Now he cant change the past 'cause what's done is done But he just cant seem to get off square one All of his mates have got hobs and grown up But he still more messed up than '2 girls and 1 cup' A couple years later turns his whole life around Gets a job sorted and his feet on the ground Last Pre-chorus: While his dad's locked up in his cell all day With not much to and not much to say thinkin'.. Chorus. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Outro. His father used to say.. 'What'l it be, tea or coffee?' Thanks for looking at my tab :)
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