Misc Unsigned Bands - Madilyn Bailey - All The Wrong Things chords

Am DmWith every word you say to me
G EmYou're making my heart skip a beat
Am DmI'm glad you r saying all this to me
G EmBecause you're making it easy
Am DmI think to myself glad I found the courage
G EmI just dodged one deadly bullet
Am DmYou tell me who you want she doesn't sound like me
G EmThanks for making it so easy to leave
Am DmYou're saying all the wrong thing, all the wrong things
G Em But that's what I needed to hear
Am DmBecause living in a fantasy just destroyed me
G EmBut now I finally see
Am Dm G EmThat I was never the one who you wanted to love
Am DmBecause you're saying all the wrong things, all the wrong things
G Em But that's what I needed to hear
Am DmI never thought that I would be
G EmThe one who would end up sorry
Am DmSorry that I let myself love you
G EmSorry that you never loved me too
Am DmI found my reason to have repentance
G EmI just saved myself one lonely life sentence
Am Dm It's easy to like what you're saying to me
G EmAfter all of these years I'm finally free
Am Dm GI can say that I'm honestly happy
EmIt was a time saver
Am Dm GI can just see how unhappy I would have made me
EmI'm doing myself a favor
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