Misc Unsigned Bands - Alligatoah - Namen Machen tab version 1

It sounds right but it's not the original I guess

Chords Fm D# G# CE|-X--|-X--|-4--|-8--|A|-8--|-4--|-6--|-10-|D|-10-|-6--|-6--|-10-|G|-10-|-6--|-5--|-9--|B|-9--|-6--|-4--|-8--|e|-8--|-4--|-4--|-8--|
1.Intro 4xE---------------------4--------8--------------------------------------------|A-8---------4---------------------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------6--------10---------------------------------------|G-----10--------6-------5--------9------------------------------------------|B---9---------6-------------------------------------------------------------|e---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
2.Intro 2x Fm, D#, G#, C Vers Fm, D#, G#, C Chorus Fm, D#, G#, C Chorus and Vers have the same Chords but the strumming is different but you'll hear that http://www.alligatoah.de/
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