Misc Unsigned Bands – Morgan Saulsberry - Thats My King chords

Capo on the 4th 

Verse 1:
GJesus, you came to rescue me
GFather, you're love has set me free
CSpirit, you show me the way
GYahweh, That's my king
GAnd we praise You,
CPraise you in our Weakness,
EmYou're presence makes us stronger
Ccuz there is power in your name
G CAnd we shout out, shout out from our hearts Lord,
Em C G CYou are enough, You are Enough, You are Enough God
G CMore than enough, God
Verse 2:
GSavior, you died so I could live
GRedeemer, when I ask you forgive
CHealer, your hand can restore
GCreator, I am yours
(Chorus) Bridge:
G C Abba, Father, you're creator, maker of us,
Em C DYou have made me whole
G We raise our hands in triumph
CRaise our voices louder
Em C DYou have made me whole
Outro 2:
G CThat's my king
G CThat's my King
G CThat's my King
G EmOf everything
G CThats my king,
G Emto him we sing...
(Chorus) Outro 1:
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