Misc Unsigned Bands - Liberal Democrats Glee Club - The Land chords

G C GSound the call for freedom boys, and sound it far and wide,
G DMarch along to victory, for God is on our side,
G C GWhile the voice of nature thunders o'er the rising tide:
D G"God gave the land to the people."
GThe land, the land,
C G'Twas God who made the land,
GThe land, the land,
DThe ground on which we stand,
GWhy should we be beggars
C GWith a ballot in our hand?
D GGod gave the land to the people.
(rest of the song follows the same pattern) Hark! The sound is spreading from the east and from the west! Why should we work hard and let the landlords take the best? Make them pay their taxes on the land just like the rest! The land was meant for the people. Chorus Clear the way for liberty, the land must all be free, None of us shall falter from the fight tho' stern shall be. 'Til the flag we love so well shall fly from sea to sea, O'er the land that is free for the people. Chorus The army now is marching on, the battle to begin, The standard now is raised on high to face the battle din, We'll never cease from fighting 'til the victory we win, And the land is free for the people. Chorus
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