Misc Unsigned Bands – Sun Hotel - You Shake chords

I emailed Sun Hotel for some help with playing this song, and they were super 
kind, and sent me this:

 Hey Jesse, 

      Thanks so much for the kind words and i hope to meet you soon at any 
 of the fine chinquapin shows occurring this season. I would be happy to 
 send you the chords and lyrics for you(shake), hope these help.

A C#m well of course i don't wanna leave
B you with no way to pay the rent
(repeat this progression) then hold it on B for the last time twice as long chorus
A E I wanna cut it in half
B then its a walk up to C#m(B->C->C#m) like the best king we ever had repeat and hold again verse is the same story as before sames with the next chorus i go from B to B7 a 1:31 though then it's a walk down from C#m (for this part i just usually play the two lowest root chords, this is gonna be ugly but here's what the chords might look like) C#m C B# B A then Am
E -0---0----0----0--------||B -0---0----0----0--------||G -0---0----0----0--------||D -0---0----0----0--------||A -11-11---11----10-------||E -9--8-----7----6--------||
hope this helps! and thanks so much for the support -Tyler
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