Misc Unsigned Bands – Hours Into Days - Waiting tab

                            Waiting - Hours Into Days

Tabbed by: Chris Griffin
Email: chrisgriffin93@gmail.com

Tuning:  Standard,  Capo on 2nd fret.

Chords: Am (actually Bm because of capo), F (G), C (D), G(A) Verse Am F C Maybe someday I'll get this right, but 'til then I wont lose sight of this G Am F situation I can't seem to let go of. How did I let you get away? I feel like C G my time is being wasted, chasing you down these dead end streets. Chorus Am F C You're always breaking into my dreams. This is why I cant go to sleep. I'm G Am F the one holding onto these words unsaid. You know it's tearing me apart, I C G should've known this from the start. All the days will roll by and I'll be F here waiting. 2nd Verse: (palm muted) Am F C I can't forget the reasons why you are always on my mind, sometimes I think G why should I try but I can't get you out of my head The lead parts after each of the first three chords:
Chorus (same as before) Bridge F Am F C Waiting for the chance to be here for you when everything else is falling G Am F C G through. I won't be the one to let you down. This is just the beginning. Chorus (same chords as before but with each chord being strummed once the first time through and palm muted the 2nd time through.) Chorus Outro/Chorus (same chords as chorus) End on Am
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