Misc Unsigned Bands – Kwoon - Schizophrenic chords

Song: Schizophrenic
Artist: Kwoon
Album: When The Flowers Were Singing
Tabbed by: Mads V.

HmI woke up that day,
Unwell, With strange dreams
F#mOf siamese twins,
GI was deep under ground,
It was strange, So strange, I was scared.
HmI was here,
And I heard, Some sounds screaming
F#mFrom the deep well,
GAs something happened,
I was scared, So scared, It was strange.
HmNo friends, no calls,
The sun is down,
F#mStill waiting for the end of the day,
GAnd nothing happened,
I was scared, I was scared,
HmI was scared.
DmThere's something wrong
Within my head,
BbI feel like as
Dm I am a freak.
HmNext day, fire, on the ground,
F#mI've been to the lake of blood,
GTo meet the witch of my dreams,
She was here within my head.
HmGhost days,
The fog was gone, And the sun is crown, The streets are green and
F#mI'm the king.
F#mWhat the hell am I here for?
I was scared, So scared,
HmSo scared.
DmThere's someone else within my soul,
Bb DmI feel as I am a freak.
DmI've seen the evil
FmIn a mirror of bones.
Into my grave,
Dbm FmI've seen this siamese twins.
FmI've met the devil and
G#mhe burned my eyes and
ate my brain,
E G#mThen killed my family.
G#mI'm torn,
I'm scared, I'm hurt..
HmPlease help me to
ease my pain again.
GI'm a freak,
HmIt is reality
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