Misc Unsigned Bands – Griffin Village - Autumn Derpy Hooves chords

 Capo on 1

G DI know a mare, she knows me too
G DThe stunning Derpy Hooves, or Ditzy Doo
C EmIf you've got a note she'll send it
C EmBut don't you be mad when it's
C Emlate by a couple minutes
DNopony's perfect!
C D Em CTrot with me through the autumn leaves
C D EmAnd keep close to stay warm
C D Em CSoon you'll see how much you mean to me
C D GFeelings I've never felt before
GThe leaves grow bright and yellow
DLike her hair and eyes stay mellow
G DThere's something special 'bout that mare.
GI'd be a happy fellow
DIf I could just say hello
G DHave to be brave just don't be scared
(Chorus) (Guitar Solo) Em D C G G C D Em Em D G
G When I see her with her filly
DI know that I'll look silly
G DI can't stop grinning ear to ear
GBut when the air gets chilly
Dthe cuteness nearly kills me
G DThat mare deserves mother of the year!
GI know a mare
DWhose mind is free
GYou know you're special
Dat least to me
C DThey will say what they want
Cand still be mean
DWhat's next for you?
GThat's to be seen
(Outro) G D Em C G (1 quick strum of each)
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