Misc Unsigned Bands - Nikky Miles - Not After All chords

D DmYou ain't worth of thrusting, you're a liar
A Amain't worth believing, there's nothing good left of you
E Emafter years of lies and all that fake happiness
G DI wanna leave you, yes I do
A Embut I can't, it's not possible
G Dit's not easy to burn a half of self
A Emeven though it's nothing good
GYou think its easy to leave you
Dyou think it's easy to forget
A Embig part of my life is lost in lies
G Dafter all the lies, it's finally gone
Aafter everything that you've done
Emdon't think it's easy
Cdon't think it's easy
Gcause it's not
Deasy to forget
Emit's not easy to forget
D A Emno, no, no
Cit's not easy at all, not at all
D A Emnot after all
You try to convince me to stay that there's still something worth staying but I'm not allowed it's not how it works I'm not allowed to still love you not after all that happened once neither I'm allowed to forget, all that what holds me back you're that scary shadow, following me everywhere and making darkness around me when I should be still shining after all...
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