Misc Unsigned Bands – Tim Hassall - Little Black Dress tab

                             Little Black Dress - Tim Hassall
Tabbed by: Tim Hassall

Capo 2nd fret (all chord shapes and tab are in relation to capo)

C9:     X32030
G:      320033
D:      XX0232

Intro riff

e:------------3------3---------|B:--------------3------3-------|G:-----------0------0----------| D:-----------------------------|A:-2h3-2-0-------0h2-----------|E:---------3-------------3-----|
Lead guitar (in relation to capo – to play at correct pitch without capo add 2 frets or 1 whole tone)
e:----------------------------------------------------------|B:----------------------------------------------------------| G:--2h4----------2h4-4/7------2h4---------------------------|D:--------0h2------------0h2-------0h2----0h2-0-------------|A:-----------------------------------------------2---0------|E:------------------------------------------------------3---|
Intro riff Verse C9 G It dont take the news to give me the blues C9 G Or a shot to my chest to make me loose rest C9 G And the passin of time dont trouble my mind D C9 D C9 G C9 G All it takes, all it takes, all it takes is a little black dress and Im a mess. C9 G When I turn out the light, well I sleep alright C9 G With my money and my love Im not too uptight C9 G D And the games just a game its not the truth or a test unless (Intro riff with lead guitar) She wears a little black dress Verse C9 G Now the legends of old dont weigh much on my soul C9 G Nor the book-keepers tomes diminish the worth of my prose C9 G Cause most all of time well im doin my best D C9 D C9 G C9 G Still all it takes, all it takes, all it takes is a little black dress and im a mess C9 G And the sharpest mind you aint likely to find C9 G Even though I cut back on the smoke and the wine C9 G D Almost everyday Im working to pay my way out west (Intro riff w/lead guitar) Back to a little black dress, Back to a little black dress
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