Misc Unsigned Bands - Tim Hassall - Bribing The Reaper tab

                             Bribing The Reaper - Tim Hassall
Tabbed by: Tim Hassall
Email: timhassallmusic@gmail.com
Bribing The Reaper
All music and lyrics  Tim Hassall 2010


Chord shapes for the verses:
Dm shape:       X57060   (Dm add2 add4)
Bb shape:       6X7060   (Bb flat5 maj7 6th)
A shape:        5X7060    (A aug5 b7th)

Main Riff: Dm shape Bb Shapee:---------------0---------------------------------0-------------------|B:-------6---------------6---6---6---------6----------------6----6---6-|G:---0-------0-------0----------------0--------0-------0---------------|D:-----7-------7-------7-------7---------7-------7--------7--------7---|A:-5-------5-------5-------5-------------------------------------------|E:----------------------------------6--------6-------6--------6--------|
A shape Bb shapee:-------0---------------0------------------------0-----------------|B:---------------6------------6---6--------6--------------6---6---6-|G:---0-------0-------0-----------------0------0-------0-------------|D:-----7-------7-------7--------7--------7------7-------7-------7---|A:------------------------------------------------------------------|E:-5-------5-------5-------5---------6-------6------6-------6-------|
Bridge guitar:(walk in) Open C shape @ 8th fret Move 3rd finger onto low Ee:----------------0----------0---------------------0------------0------|B:-------6---------------6-------6---------6----------------6----------|G:----0-------0-------0----------------0-------0-------0-------------7-|D:------7-------7-------7------7---------7-------7-------7--------7----|A:7-8-------8-------8------8-------------------------------------------|E:----------------------------------8--------8-------8--------8--------|
Random funky shapee:------------------------------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------------------------------|G:---10----------------------------10-------------------------|D:-------10-----7h8---7------7----------10----7h8---7---------|A:------------8----------8------------------8-----------8--8--|E:-6---6----6-------6--6---6-----6----6---6-------6---6--6----|
Bridge riff (banjo and dobro transcribed for guitar)e:-5--8-3h5--8-10-10--8--3-1h3--5-3/5--3-1------1-3/5-3-1-------1---|B:-----------------------------------------3-1h3---------3-1--1---3-|G:-----------------------------------------------------------2------|D:------------------------------------------------------------------|A:------------------------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------------------------|
Breakdown chords: Dm shape: X57X8X C7 shape: X35X5X Bb7 shape: X13X3X G/Bb shape: 3X3X3X Outro: Banjo trance riff (main theme transcribed for guitar play around with variations)
Main Riff You know Ive swam across the top of the bottomless seas And Ive met with the mayor and seen the same fear in him as me Ive borrowed from a beggar and Ive stolen from the store And Ive gained a little depth but Ive shallowed even more you know This lifes been good to me the passin not too unkind I learnt to beg and steal and use the resources of my mind They say that the kingly thing to do is to sit in the lowest seat And I learnt to do my talkin with the sharpest knife to carve the beast Bridge: Bridge guitar/ Banjo And Ive camped in the deserts where the rivers run dry Ive sang to the earth and to the moon and to the sky I caught the train to Morocco by the river there, just Smoking smooth hasish and breathing bitter Marakash air you know When youre staring at girls and all you can see is their eyes They might wear a veil they might wear a disguise But if you should know to hide one thing, you should know its them eyes cause They tell too many truths, too many stories, to few lies Bridge: Bridge guitar/ Banjo dobro Main riff (strummed chords i.e. Dm Shape, Bb shape, A shape, Bb shape) And now the old are getting young, and the young are getting poor The sick are taking pills to bribe the reaper from their door Its not yet winter, but its already cold And soon youll hear them tell tales of young payin to be old In shuffles lawyers you can hear them in their ranks Sleepin up in the rafters or in their paper tanks Religion is coming down you can hear it on the air Some believe that were believers but I believe we just dont care so Main Riff Turn on the news and see newsmen running from a noose Its all an advertisement selling you the truth Walls will fall and walls will be built And wars will be fought and blood will be spilt But why get involved when theres so much to do? Its such a big world and youre just a little you Hours, minutes, seconds, well they be tickin down And if you wake or if you sleep this crazy place still spins round Bridge: Bridge guitar/ Banjo dobro and acoustic guitar in octaves Breakdown (pluck chords) But dont heed my words or believe the rhymes I say Im just another beggar lookin for a place to play Im the one standing on the street at night and Im the one that lost front teeth in a drunken fight and Im the one the hopeless the unemployed that you pass Im the lost the addict the drunk and the destroyed Im the one that these kids wish they could have been and Im the one that had to live with these dying dreams and Im the one begging you all to come along and Im the one dyin to sing you the last song Im the one and theres more to take my place just, look into the mirror and youll see it in your face Bridge: Bridge guitar/ Banjo Main riff / with outro: banjo trance riff
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