Misc Unsigned Bands - Tim Hassall - I Wish tab

                             I Wish - Tim Hassall
Tabbed by: Tim Hassall
Email: timhassallmusic@gmail.com

Capo 2nd fret (all chord shapes/ tab are in relation to capo)

Unusual chord shapes:
D:       X54030         Am7:    X02010          Asus2:  X02200

G:      32000X  (alternately hammer and pull off on C  1st fret B string.)

Main riff (in relation to capo - played throughout Verses on Celtic harp):

D Am7 Ge:--------0-----------------0------------------------------|B:--3------------------1-----------------0----0---1---0----|G:-------------0----------------0--------------------------|D:-----4---------4--------2-------2---------0-------0------|A:--5--------5---------0------0----------------------------|E:---------------------------------------3------3-------3--|
Outro Riff (in relation to capo if played without capo add 2 frets or one whole tone) Main theme 1 example of variation at the end of the phrasee:----------------------------------------|-------------|B:-10/12-10----10-----10/12-10---10-------|-------------|G:----------11---11------------11--11-9---|-7-7-7---7/9-|D:----------------------------------------|-------9-----|A:----------------------------------------|-------------|E:----------------------------------------|-------------|
Intro: D, Am7, G x 2 - bass, piano and drums Verse palm muted strumming with Celtic harp D Am7 G As she leads me through the palace D Am7 G She points out that it aint paint its real gold D Am7 G She seems to know every story D Am7 G That these walls have ever told D Am7 G And were standing by a river on a balcony D Am7 G Until security move us along D Am7 G And I take her by the arm and I whisper This would be a good place to sing you one of my songs Chorus D, Am7, G x2 she says I wish, I wish Verse D Am7 G Well in the club theres hardly room to stand D Am7 G Theyre playing the blues, its getting real loose in here D Am7 G I close my eyes and let the guitar wash over me D Am7 G I feel the weight of this city, disappear D Am7 G Outside he offers me a cigarette D Am7 G Knows I just cant turn em down D Am7 G With cherry candy glowin from his lips he says it must be about time that you jumped town Chorus D, Am7, G x2 and I wish, I wish Verse D Am7 G Well, its that time of the night so I put my cards on the table D Am7 G Offering the last train ride back to mine D Am7 G Uncomfortably she turns to her friends in the station D Am7 G Explains shell be going my way for the night D Am7 G Shes only coming over for one thing D Am7 G And it aint a cup of tea D Am7 G Lying naked with her hair on my shoulder I murmur that you like gold to me Chorus D, Am7, G x2 She says I wish, I wish Break Em Asus2 Well he knows hes quite a talker Em Asus2 At night we debate fiercely Em Asus2 But at 3am curled up in my thoughts Em Asus2 Well she agrees with me Verse D Am7 G That theres an ancient way of living D Am7 G Buried deep within our bones D Am7 G Theres a desire within in each of us D Am7 G To burn our money to burn our clothes D Am7 G And to hurtle towards a freedom D Am7 G To run the race alone D Am7 G To leave society and all its machines To leave the city and these assholes. Chorus D, Am7, G x 2 (Outro riff - see notes) I said I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish Outro D, Am7, G x2 But you just cant stay, but you just cant escape D, Am7, G x2 And you just cant stay, and you just cant escape
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