Misc Unsigned Bands – Tim Hassall - Marilyn Monroe tab

                             Marilyn Monroe - Tim Hassall
Tabbed by: Tim Hassall
Email: timhassallmusic@gmail.com


Tuning: Drop D
Harmonica: D Harp

Unusual chord shapes:
D: 000232
G: 5X543X
D*: 000235
B*: X24235

Riff 1:e:----------------------|B:--3-3/2---------------|G:---------4--2---------|D:----------------------|A:----------------------|E:----------------------|
Break Riff:
Verse D D* She listens to the radio but they dont play the G riff 1 kind of songs she likes D D* The playlist is prearranged and filled with G songs picked by marketing guys Bm Bm* Instead shed settle for a living A riff 1 room friends and guitars G Instead of synth hooks and beat mash up cooks A Shed settle for tapes bootlegged in bars Break: D, D*, G Verse D D* He goes to modern art galleries but dont under- G Riff 1 stand what they promote D D* An abattoir of modern life on G canvass dont give him no hope Bm Bm* Instead hed settle for a painting of A Riff 1 mountains in the snow G Instead of intelligent strokes and violent jokes A hed settle for a photo of Marilyn Monroe BREAK - Break Riff (see notes) same chord structure as verse: D D*, G, D D*, G, Bm Bm*, A, G, A, Verse D D* They met in the theatre and marvelled at G Riff 1 all the people acting insane D D* Held hands in the interval and kissed later on G standing in the rain Bm Bm* Instead of one night theyre planning a A future and use affectionate names G Instead of dropping out theyre buying a A house and forgetting about when the world was insane BREAK - Break Riff (see notes) same chord structure as verse: D D*, G, D D*, G, Bm Bm*, A, G, A, End on D
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