Misc Unsigned Bands - Heather Dale - Mordreds Lullaby chords

Okay guys, this is my first tab, it's figured out by hearing and I'm german, so 
please go easy on me and my english.
Tuning's standart.
                        Mordred's Lullaby

DmHush, Child,
C G The Darkness will rise from the deep and
Am FCarry you down into sleep
C GDarkness will rise from the deep and
Am F Carry you down into sleep
AmGuiltless son,
BmI'll shape you belief
D Bm F And you'll always know that your father's a thief,
Am Bm FYou won't understand the cause of your grief
Am Bm C FBut you'll always follow the voices beneath
Am F Am FLoyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty,
Am F Am F Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty only to me
AmGuiltless son,
BmYour spirit will hate her
D Bm F The flower who married my brother the traitor
Am Bm FAnd you will expose his puppeteer behaviour
Am Bm C FFor you are the proof of how he betrayed her loyalty
Repeat brigde Pepeat chorus
AmGuiltless son,
BmEach day you grow older,
D Bm FEach moment I'm watching my vengeance unfold
Am Bm FThe child of my body, the flesh of my soul
Am Bm C FWill die in returning the birthright he stole
Repeat bridge Repeat chorus If you're cool, you can do the chords of the chorus a third time the last two times you sing the chorus with "eh, eh, eeeehehehehehe"... Just listen to the song to figure out. Heather Dale's website: http://heatherdale.com/
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