Misc Unsigned Bands – Seth Greer - Through The Dawn tab

Song: Through the Dawn

Artist: Seth Greer

Genre: Christian/Gospel

Capo 3

This is the first song that i've written please give me feedback on the song. My e-mail
is seth.greer6@gmail.com. Hope you enjoy! At the last line in each verse strum the
Asus single stroke down, building intensity. On the D go back to the same strum
pattern. On the last verse single strum from where it says And as we sit.......
make us anew, and then go back to regular strum for last part.

Cadd9 Asus Days have come evenings gone Cadd9 Running round’ find my way home Cadd9 Asus Don’t know where i belong Cadd9 No place that i’ve ever known Cadd9 Asus On my way back to you Cadd9 Searching for your spring of life Cadd9 Asus My eyes set on your grace D To feel the warmth of your face (Chorus) G D From the cross you gave me life Em7 At night you are my lullaby C In you i put everything It’s for you jesus that i sing Cadd9 Asus Cadd9 Asus Cadd9 Asus Darkness covers the world i’ve known Cadd9 No way that they can see your throne Cadd9 Asus But your glory repels the dark Cadd9 Makes my, takes my heart Cadd9 Asus Your love it calls to mine Cadd9 Together on heaven’s shoreline Cadd9 Asus Something ahead every night D In the dawn your white knight (Chorus) Cadd9 Asus And as we sit next to heaven’s throne Cadd9 All your children together, alone Asus We put our trust in you Cadd9 Still wondering why you would make us anew G D From the cross you gave us life Em7 You all day are our lullaby C In you we put our everything It’s for you Jesus that we sing G D Cadd9 Asus Cadd9 Asus D G
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