Misc Unsigned Bands – The Loveable Rogues - Lovesick chords

First tab-May recognize this from Britains got talent 2012! Hope you enjoy! Great 
Music! watch out for them!


Dm7I'mmmmmm Lovesick
Amand I'm Sick of this love game an'
C Gam Tired of hearing, I'm the one to blame
Dm7 Am C Gwoaaaah! Yeah!
Chorus x2
Dm7I'm lovesick an' am
Sick of this love game,
AmI'm tired of hearing am the one to blame an'
CAm sick of you telling me to go and get dressed
GAs if i'm the man your hear to impress
Single strum for the next few!
Dm7I was crumbled, like apple pie
AmWhen you left my flat only wearin' a goodbye
CIn your bag of my raplh lorenzo's
GOn your feet were my brand new work out reeboks.
Dm7You turn a smile, then come to bed eyes
AmBut all I could think of was all them pork pies
CYou kept on telling me night after night
GThen you janced up your knickers after every fight
Dm7Can we go on with this, this is something to teach
AmThat the little kids who I'm trying to reach
CWhoever said Romance is dead was born to preach
GBecause my grandparents used to ballroom dance on Brighton beach
Dm7An' all you know is the Migrane skank an'
AmAll you do is give me a Migrane You skank an'
CI'm sure I'll be happy with a tommy tanka'
GAt least I'd have more money in the banka'
Chorus x2 Verse
Dm7Now I aint saying that the sex weren't great
AmI'm just sayin' your beggining to grate
COn my mind and i can't keep living this life
GSometimes I feel like i don't even try
Dm7Not that your even noticing me
AmCreaming on any given possibility
CScreaming like from hercules times when you look up
GBum to see my calvin klein's though
Dm7Lets just let By gones be by gones
AmAn' I'll just let my songs be my songs
CGo down the pub and watch the football I've missed
GCan we please just end this with a hersheys kiss!?
chorus x4
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