Misc Unsigned Bands - Ian Scott Massie - Im Gonna Miss You chords

Im Gonna Miss You 
ŠIan Scott Massie 1999


Tuning: EADGBE


D      xx0232
A      x02220
Bm     x24432
G      320003

D A Em EmNow that you stand in the door
D A EmWith your bags in your hand, you cant wait to be
D A Em EmHow long till I see you once more?
D A Em GTill your plane touches down on some far away evening?
A D G AIm gonna miss you so much
D G Whenever I reach out to touch you
D Em A ATo find only memories.
Em A D DIt just wont seem like summer without you.
D A Em EmIve watched the days come and go
D A Em GAnd I thought they were passing as slow as the seasons,
D A Em EmBut now that the moment is here
D A Em GIts breaking my heart, Ive lost sight of the reasons.
D A Em EmNow that its time to let go
D A Em GSeize the day, dont look over your shoulder.
D A Em EmI know that theres tears in my eyes
D A Em GBut Ill see you again when the years a little older.
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