Misc Unsigned Bands – Dot Hacker - Rewire chords

Artist: Dot Hacker
Album: Dot Hacker - EP
Song: Rewire

I borrowed the lyrics from http://www.stadium-arcadium.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39459, 
so all credits concerning the lyrics goes to Jmkcapps.

Please contact me for corrections.E-mail: jonassonnielsen@gmail.com
Chords used: Bbm: x13321 F#: 244322 C#: x46664 A: x02220 E: 022100 D: x57775 F: 133211 C: x35553 G: 355433 Bm: x23342 Intro: Bbm - F# - Bbm x3
Bbm F# C# A EI'm not calling you a liar
D F C EI know you have been trying
D G DTrying to inspire
Dm Bb D But now I don't know who I believe
Dm Bb DNow I don't know who I believe.
Bbm F# C# A EYou are the fire
D F C EI've been freezing
D G DIts been a while
Bm A DSince we and I could believe
Bm A G D Since we and I could believe
Bbm F# BbmOh re-wire X7
Bbm BmOh rewire
Bbm F# C# A EI'll be rewired
D F C EHead and heart conspire
D G DMy eyes are often dryer
Bm A DAll I have wanted was to believe
Bm A G DAll I have wanted was to believe
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