Misc Unsigned Bands – Grain Vault - Tupelo Bound chords

Tupelo Bound

By Grain Vault

Standard Tuning EBGDAE

Am C G (Hammer upper hard on low e string several times on finish)Wasting all my time
Am C G (tap B string then slow up GDAE strings)North o' Gum Slough
Am C GNeed to catch a West Bound
Am C GWhat a transient do
Am C GLive Oaks are pretty
Am C GJust no longer the same
Am C GThe hordes came rushing down
Am C GChanged this whole game
Am C GFamily tree don't matter
Am C GJust baggers here you see
Am C GIn Tupelo you know,
Am C D (With a suspension step-down)They're a bit more like me
CHORUS (Pace hammers up):
G D C AmTu----------------pelo Bound
G D C AmTupelo Bound
G D CIf only in my mind
G D C AmTupelo Bound
G D C GMaybe not me
VERSE 2: Try tunin' my six Atl-way Jay'd do Want a truer sound Burrito Brothers, too Cooper Lock all over In my hands and in my head Need better inspiration Like memories of lead Someday I'll find the sound And hit that proper track No depression to rely on Take the long cut to get back (CHORUS)
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