Misc Unsigned Bands - Steph Macpherson - Summer Salute chords

Hey, Kaya here :) not a very hard song. When I play it I like to add some 
variation in the chords though, sometimes adding some extra notes on the Am 
and on the F chords, especially in the instrumental bit, it makes it sound a
 little fancier I find when only playing it guitar/vocals. Also, on the first
 chorus after the instrumental part, I usually go to power chords and play 
the first beat on each chord and then mute all the strings so I get that
 clicky kind of sound, and then for the second chorus I go back to the normal
 strumming pattern. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! 

Summer Salute - Steph Macpherson

Tuning - (standard) E A D G B E


(intro) C C C F x2

C C C F C C C FI even loved that raggy old sweater
C C C F C C C F you wear in cold weather to keep it out
C C C F C C C FSo here's to going green and opting for blankets
C C C F C C C Fover thermostatics to keep it out
G Am F COh, oh oh oh we're so close to a change
G Am F CSummer salute to these eight months of rain
G Am F Cbut what do you do, honey, what do you say to me?
C Am F Gnooooooooooooooooooooow
C C C F x2
C C C F C C C FWe can chase the sun to the other side of this
C C C F C C C Fit sounds so romantic but whats the catch?
C C C F C C C FLove on the run well that's no way to do it
C C C F C C C Fwe'll work our way through it and go for that
(chorus) (instrumental) G Am F C x3 G Am F G (chorus) x2 (ending)
G Am F G noooooooooooooooow
G Am F Cnoooooooooooooooow
G Am F Gnoooooooooooooooow
G Am F G Cnoooooooooooooooow
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