Misc Unsigned Bands – Grain Vault - Departure chords


By Grain Vault

Capo first fret
Standard tuning

A   F#m

Repeat several times over lyrics

Merge to:

A   F#m   G   D   A

Hit to bridge with:

A   F#m   G   D   E
A F#mRead your thoughts to me
A F#m Tell me you can see
A F#mA much better side
A F#mTo this life
A F#mYou re right to be wrong
A F#mJudging my song
A F#mPuttin all your cards
A F#mOn the table
A F#mThe eclipse ll shine
A F#mBreathing to be alive
A F#mPlace your bets and pray
G D A F#mYou don’t make the game
A F#mThe check is in the mail
A F#mEverythings for sale
A F#mSkeletons to stay in
A F#mThe closet
A F#mI guess Im not that smart
A F#mDont know how to start
A F#Setting matters in
G D E The right direction
Bridge (Quick strikes):
E AAnd you know (Add another line to the bridge and change these lyrics)
E A Money down
E ADoesnt mean
G D AYoull ever come around
Solo: (Repeat the progression of last four verse lines ending on D; will create solo tab to lay over; involves third string slide from 4th to 6th fret, etc…) Through sticking my neck out Through playing the wipeout Check your emotions at The door Gonna drive real slow No feelings to show Just a mere façade Of what you came for End on: E G D A
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