Misc Unsigned Bands – Sinxjae - Before The Pause Between chords

Verse 1:
C Gi hold myself back cuz i don't wanna fall
Ambut the more I do i still think of you
Fi feel i'm up against a wall
C Geven though i feel that we will be perfect fit
Am the timing isn't right.
Fi just cant admit
Pre-Chorus 1:
C G Amit's not for me to say
F G Gthe feeling inside grows more and more each day
Cyou are
Gall i ever need
Ambut i cannot speak
FI'm stuck in the pause between
CTried so hard
GYet you're hard for me to read
AmLet me keep it to myself
FAnd wait in the pause between
Verse 2:
C GI'm afraid to say I love you
Am Fcuz maybe if i say it more..it might come true
C G but a part of me wants to believe that you feel it too
Am Fso i keep this inside..it's the best that i can do
Prechorus 2:
C G Amif there's a chance it's real
F G Glet me hear the words from you. let me know how you feel (cuz)
*Repeat Chorus til the end*
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