Misc Unsigned Bands - Abby Simons - My Scientist chords

I don't know how many people still listen to her songs and how many still
 look for the chords and how many actually can't figure them out themselves
 but I LOVE this song so here are the chords!


G D C D My scientist shows me a picture of a
C D G DBig red circle with a green smudge on top
G D C DMy scientist says, "that's an apple"
C DI say, "ok, an apple"
G DHe says, "very well done"
Em BmHe says, "you are a woman, and I am a scientist
Am I am a human and well,
DYou're something else"
G D C DHe says, "this is existence, oh welcome to existence"
C D G D Gand then he flips my switch and turns me off.
and so on :)
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