Misc Unsigned Bands - Triple Lane - Masters Of The Road chords


Verse 1:
D GHop in the car, and take a seat.
Em G AIt's time to take all of your troubles and set them free.
D GTurn on the radio, and blast the volume,
Em G ACus todays the day you're gonna have with zero problems.
Intro to Chorus:
DJust roll the windows down as we drive from town to town.
G AThrow your hands up in the air and sing. . .
DWe are the masters of the road, where we stop nobody knows,
G D Em AWe're gonna keep on drivin til the summer ends.
D Yeah we are the masters of the road, rain or shine we keep on goin
G on and on, ridin with the best of friends.
D Em A DWe're driving on a road with no dead end.
Verse 2:
D GIf the tank, runs out of gas.
Em G AWe'll just fill it up, continue, make this moment last.
D GThe sun goes down, and the stars appear.
Em G AI can truly say there's no place i'd rather be than here.
Play Intro to Chorus then Chorus Bridge:
D GThe car starts to slow down as we make a stop.
D G Em AWe walk into a field and let our bodies drop.
D GThey say that the road ain't no place to call a home.
D G Em ABut I disagree, I think it could be as long as you're not alone.
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