Misc Unsigned Bands – Free Beer - Dont Walk Out chords

I am going to post the chords/ tabs for the solos when I get time sit down with my 
lead guitarist. This song is our 1st post as a band. We hope you enjoy it as it should be… Free!

Artist: Free Beer
Song Name: Don’t Walk Out

G D C Em

Solos (except intro)
Rhythm/ Bass
Play G, D, C twice, then E, D, C, G twice 

Intro Solo 1/Medley

Verse 1
G Sitting on a half drunk mason jar
DStrumming on a half strung box guitar
CI don’t care if we make it too far
GCuz I like it just fine right where we are
GDirty work boots for my soap box
DUnderneath there are holes in my mis-matched sox
CSitting on the porch with a drink on the rocks
GSinging bout the girl with the golden locks
GIt goes Hey, Hey Baby
DThat’s what I’m talking about
CHey, Hey Baby
GTurn around
GHey, Hey Baby,
DThat’s what I’m talking about
CHey, Hey Baby,
GDon’t walk out
Solo 2 Verse 2
GSometimes I feel like I’m running in place
DI can’t seem to get ahead of this rat race
CThat’s when I drift away to a special place
GWith a touch of your hand and smile on your face
Repeat Chorus Bridge
EmYou know what you want but
GYou don’t know what you need
DYou wanna be tied up
CYou wanna be set free
EWhen life gets tough
GYou wanna run away
DI need to let you go,
CI wanna make you stay
Solo 3 Guitars are clean w/ drum break (march) Repeat Verse 1 Outro
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