Misc Unsigned Bands – Deewuz - Your The One chords

Left handed
You're the one
written by Iwasa Pohatu & Delia Harrison

Abm    Dbm    Ebm

AbmYou've touched my life
Dbm Ebmand made me who I am
AbmYou brought light and music
Dbm EbmI began to see and understand the taste of love
AbmYour eyes were so gentle
Dbm EbmYour smile so true
Abm When you first held my hand, I just knew
Dbm EbmYour touch is with me always
Pre Chorus:
Dbm EbmIt’s burnt in my skin
Dbm Ebm EIt starts a fire inside me
Abm EbmYou walked into my life
EI felt my world change
Abm Ebm EYou’re the one who satisfies all of my pain
AbmWhen I wake up in the morning
Dbm EbmSunshine's falling on my skin
Abm Dbm EbmI crave the light and laughter - you have brought into my life
Abm Dbm EbmFall into the sweetest dreams - How I hope no one will wake me
Abm Dbm EbmThe sun melts the chill from our lives - My joy is overflowing
Pre Chorus: Chorus: Refrain:
Dbm EbmI lose myself in our love
Dbm EbmI'm your fool and you're my queen
I was born to love you Coz you’re my ecstasy Chorus Outro:
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