Misc Unsigned Bands – The Lamms - The Drifter chords

Drifter by The Lamms


AmHe's not in love he looks for no one
Been following the road for so long He passes through and then he moves on
F Am GThe drifter leaves no trace
He moves from place to place VERSE 2:
AmThe desert road can last forever
Twisting turning like the weather Nothing makes this road feel better
F Am GThan another cigarette
He never would forget
AHe's a man who drifts alone
VERSE 3: He's a guy who thinks and listens Measuring his thoughts and feelings His few words resound with meaning The drifter played his hand It was in another land VERSE 4: The radio kicks out his music He listens cos he's scared he'll loose it The tracks are memories he chooses They keep him moving on Keep him driving through the storm He's just moving to move on VERSE 5: The devil rides a long black freight train It growls along beside the freeway The drifter sees it from his window He turns his music loud His eyes begin to cloud VERSE 6: The drifter looks to the horizon The unstoppable collision This has been his only mission To break the drifter's curse For better or for worse She dealt him out a hand He took it as he planned (Cotson 2012)
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