Misc Unsigned Bands - Everything Is Energy - Hut chords

Intro:A#5, D x2 (palm muted)e|---| |---|B|---| |---|G|-3-| |-7-|D|-3-| |-7-|A|-1-| |-5-|E|---| |---|
Lead line played on the 2nd time: (/ means slide to note)e|-------------------|B|---/15--13--11--10-|G|-------------------|D|-------------------|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
Verse: (Palm Muted):
A#5Must have been awhile
DCause I was dreaming
A#5I knew I was alone
DWhen you weren't there
A#5Met you in a place
DI thought we'd feel it
A#5Wide awake alone
DWith someone else
A#5 DCome kiss me now
A#5 DCome touch me now
Guitar Riff:e|--------------------|B|---/15--13--11--/13-|G|--------------------|D|--------------------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
Verse: (Palm Muted)
A#5So I knew it was the time
DI was fearing
A#5Caught up in a place
DThat I couldn't save
A#5 DCome kiss me now
A#5 DCome touch me now
A#5 DYou feel me come
A#5 COh turn me
A#5Around and around
Oh love me
COr I'll flounder round
SOLO: Repeat D for the duration Verse: (Palm Muted)
A#5Oh it had to be awhile
DCause we were dreaming
A#5I never was alone
DBecause you were there
A#5 DCome live your life
A#5 DNo tears for now
A#5 DI'm here for you
A#5 DLet's let it out
DLet it out
DPull it out
DGet it out
DLet it out
End on D -Check out this band at: http://www.myspace.com/thesoundisaw
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