Misc Unsigned Bands – The Brilliance - May The Lord chords

May The Lord

Intro: G        C      G      C

Verse 1:
G C G D/F#Hope for hopelessness, light for darkness
Em7 C G D/F#Dying to selfishness, and injustice
Asus2/C# Csus2We will be different, we will be different
G C Am7 GMay the Lord, bless you and keep you
C Am7 DMay the Lord, cause His face to shine,
Em Shine upon you
C G D/F# EmSee Him smile, at just the thought of you
C G D/F#May He rule, in every part of you and
C G C G CPeace be with you
Verse 2:
G C G D/F#Strength in brokenness, through forgiveness
Em7 C G D/F#Bold in gentleness, and in kindness
(Pre-chorus) (Chorus) (Intro) Bridge:
Am G Csus2 AmWhen we go our separate ways,
G Csus2We'll go carrying His name,
Csus2And with humility in our faith,
Csus2With good deeds we'll give you praise
(Pre-chorus) (Chorus)
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