Misc Unsigned Bands – Michela Dybdal - She Isnt Me chords

Em Am C BShe says she doesn't care but her eyes tell a different story.
Em Am C BShe dreamed for a fairytale but you crashed the dream.
Em Am C BShe says don't be but inside she hopes your sorry.
Em Am C BShe wished for a happy ending but now she wants to scream.
Em Am C B Behind my smile, is a hurting heart.
Em Am C B Behind my laugh, I'm falling apart.
Em Am C B Look closely at me and you will se
Em Am C B Em Am C B The girl I am, Isn't me
Em Am C B She Isn't Me
(Same chords) She'll maybe be that girl, that you think has it all But inside she wants to scream, and fade into the dark. And all the wants you to do, is to let her fall Although you want to catch her, you're the ne that broke her heart.... Chorus.... Bridge:
Em Am C B EmI'm not the girl you think I am, I'm just trying to pretend
Am C Bthat everything is okay (eeeeeh)
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