Misc Unsigned Bands - 616 - Ricticous tab

Band : 616
Song :Ricticous
Tabbed By: The Dark Night
A very strange but good song. About the bands english teacher i presume...

Intro/Verse: Rythem on clean during introe|---------------------------B|---------------------------G|---------------------------D|--------------22222-555555- intro(x2) on clean and (x2) on overdrive. A|-55555-222222-00000-333333- verse (x2)E|-33333-000000--------------
Intro: Leade|-15p12- (x2)B|-------G|-------D|-------A|-------E|-------
Chorus:e|-----------------------------B|-----------------------------G|-----------------------------D|---9-7-5------9999-7777-5555-A|-7-7-5-3-7777-7777-5555-3333- (x2) E|-5-------5555----------------
3ed verse just bass. last chorus play riff (x3).
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