Misc Unsigned Bands – Garage Band 243 - I Miss You Too Much tab

Band : Garage Band 24
Song : I Miss You Too Much

its my garage bands song

This is a song i wrote,tabbed and play myself along with my 
other buds in the band. We dont have a name tho but we've been 
told were good. This is a song about my old GirlFriend.

it was my first song and i know it sux

This is played slow, imagine a song at a prom

reppet all tabs in song 3x 

BASS|-----------------------------||-----------------------------| goes on hole song|-----2--4---2----------------||-0-0--0---4---0ho------------|
listen to smells like tean spirit by nirvana to get the the brums then the song goes like this...
I miss u-------------- more than i should if only u knew------ Then we would when u kiss me wene u hug me i dont seem to feel scared--------- but u act like u never cared----- I love u hold me its true i - miss-------- u-- I miss u-------------- more than i should if only u knew------ Then we would The time we spent was a penny worth spent and i lost my soul---- wene u called me dull------ Forgive and forget are no words to you friends are not enough the break up was tuff but its time to go------ I miss u-------------- more than i should if only u knew------ Then we would------------------------------ end of the song
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