Misc Unsigned Bands – Tmp - Alyssa tab

These guys played 2 shows at house parties, they have about 8 of their own songs
they are awesome. It is Sam H,14 (goes to lawrence) he is the only one i know
personally, alex, 14 on drums, and Daniel,14 on bass, they used to have a 2nd
guitar but he quit. Their name, TMP, stands for tickle my pickle so at the shows
these crazy drunk girls ran up on stage and reached into their pants. The shows
get pretty crazy, examples, beer bottles were thrown, sam rode off the stage in
a shopping cart, and they just act like idiots! They played songs by Anti-Flag,
Green Day, Rage against the machine, blink 182, nofx and as a joke (just by
playing D,C, and G chords) played genie in a bottle, ice ice baby, no scrubs,
and other crappy pop songs. This song was for the daniel's girlfriend, alyssa,
but he got sam to write the lyrics which is pretty low! well here is the tab it
sort of has a weird rhythm ill see if i can get the lyrics up! these guys are
awesome keep writing good music TMP for life!

Intro x2(play really fast!)e -------------------------------------------------------------------b -------------------------------------------------------------------g --9---7------------------------------------------------------------d -9-9-7-7--7---7----------------------------------------------------a 7---5----7-7-7-7---------------------------------------------------E --------5---5------------------------------------------------------
Verse x6 and hit each chord 4 times except the X's(moderate speed)e -------------------------------------------------------------------b ------------------------------------------------------------------- g 9xx7xx-------------------------------------------------------------d 9xx7xx7xx7xx-------------------------------------------------------a 7xx5xx7xx7xx-------------------------------------------------------E ------5xx5xx-------------------------------------------------------
Chorus x2 and hit each chord 4 times except the X's(modeate speed)e -------------------------------------------------------------------b -------------------------------------------------------------------g 9xx---7xx----------------------------------------------------------d 9xx9xx7xx7xx-------------------------------------------------------a 7xx9xx5xx7xx-------------------------------------------------------E ---7xx---5xx-------------------------------------------------------
Song Order Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Verse Chorus x2 Peace-Love-Unity I'm Out
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