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Intro : C-F-G-C-Am-D-Fm
C F G CWhen i saw you for the first time
Am D Fm GI knew youíre the one
C F G CYou didnít say a word to me
Am D Fm GBut love was in the air
G# A# D# G#Then you held my hand
Fm G CPulled me into your world
Fm A# D# G#From then on my life has changed for me
Fm GNow Iíll never feel lonely again
CĎCause you are in my life
F G Em AmNow how can i explain to you
DmThe way i feel inside
G CWhen i think of you
Gm C7 F G Em AmI thank you for everything that you showed me
Dm G CDonít you ever forget that I love you
chord21.com Intro : C-F-G-C-Am-D-Fm-G
C F G CLove, I know that, someday, real soon
Am D Fm GYouíll be right next to me
G# A# D# G#Holding me so tight
Fm G CSo I will always be yours
Fm A# D# G#Although we canít be together now
Fm GRemember I am here for you
CAnd I know you there for me
Reff 2
F G Em AmWhenever I want to be with you
Dm G CI just close my eyes and pretend youíre near
Gm C7 F G Em AmI see you, I touch you, I feel you, like real
Dm G CNothing can ever change what I feel inside
F E Am DHow long must I be far away from you
Dm G CI dont know dear, but I know we are one
Outro : C-F-G-C-Am-D-Fm-G
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