Misc Unsigned Bands – Brandon Setta - Preteen Scream chords

Tabbing this because no one has. YOU NEED THE SONG TO BE ABLE TO FOLLOW CORRECTLY

Song: Preteen Scream

Artist: Brandon Setta

Album: Title Fight/Brandon Setta Acoustic Split

Strum pattern (mostly): down down up up down up

There's a couple weird chords in the bridge (not even sure if they're right), so 
I'll put them here and name them

                          Any other chords you may need

          Ab*  Ab0       |    G7   B/C   C7   E5
           x    0        |    1     0    0    x
           x    0        |    0     1    1    x
           4    4        |    0     0    3    x                     
           3    3        |    0     x    2    2
           x    x        |    2     2    3    2
           4    4        |    3     x    x    0

    C            C7

        Remember back, when you said to me

        F                    Fm                   C

        I'll never leave, or give you a reason to want to

            C7                 F         Fm         

        But look what this has come to

     C                     C7                                 F

        And as crazy as it seems, I wish that I could build a time machine

        Fm                       C                      

        Go back to when you were falling for me
    C7                        F       Fm

        Instead of falling away

        Strum: C - C7 - F - Fm throughout the solo

        /=slide (listen to the song to get the sliding right)

Solo: e|-------------------------------------------------------| B|-1/5---6-5/3/5-6-5/3/5-----5-3--1-1-1-3-3-1------------| G|-----------------------5--------------------2--2/5/1---|
Use song for reference for bridge chords Bridge: G - G - Ab* - Ab0 - Am - G - F - F - Fm - Fm C C B/C I'm sorry that I couldn't be there Am F G7 I'm sorry I told you, nothing could mean more to me than you do C C B/C Am I'm sorry I lied Am E5 F G7 C C B/C Am Am E5 F But most of all I'm sorry that I even tried G C I'm sorry I tried (You can figure the picking part at the end out yourself.)
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