Misc Unsigned Bands – Amote - Fixing The Picture Of Casablanca chords

Song : Fixing the Picture of Casablanca
Artist : Amote

Couplet : à pincer

Csus4 ; Esus4 x 2
G ; C x 2                       
E ; Am x 2

Refrain : Idem en grattant

Couplet 1 :

Csus4 Esus4 Sleepin' tight near your burning skin
Csus4 Esus4I wonder if I live a dream
G CYou say come closer
G CI wanna hold you harder
E AmBut the night is dying
E AmI see the sun rising
And then, again Starts another morning I leave the magic worlds To drown in these pearls Your eyes bring back to me My magic my eternity Refrain :
Csus4So Sybil and Ilsa,
Esus4Who are held in Nadia
Csus4 Dorian and Richard
Esus4Who stand on my side
GDon't do the same
CMistakes once again
GDon't let your fears
CLeave you in tears
EHave faith in your love
AmAs you have in God above
EAnd you will feel the Light
AmClean you deepest fright
Couplet 2 : Night after night I feel your soul Merging with mine with no control I savour this passion And set free my emotion I kinda disappear in you 'Love our tender rendez-vous In them my essence is revealed My spirit is always healed When I hold your waist Your neck and I taste The honey of your body The satin of your skin Refrain Couplet 3 : I have a dream where we found The magic place where we belong It looks like this reality But with another way to see Some new bewitching colours The world in all its wonders I've never felt so almighty As when I'm close to Aphrodite So let me confess The reason of my bless My soul loves the soul of Nadia I can't live without my Ghroubiya Refrain
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