Misc Unsigned Bands – Headfulofghost5 - Paper Towns chords

Paper Towns - headfulofghost5 (http://soundcloud.com/headfulofghost5)

Capo on 2nd fret (or whatever fits your range)

Intro: G C Em D x 2

Verse 1
G C Late at night
Em DYou knock at my window
G CI look outside
Em DYou smile through the glass pane
G C"Let's roam the night,
D GIn the city light's guide"
G CLet's right some wrongs or
D GGo down with a fight.
Verse 2
G C Em D From above it's all well lit
G C Em DThis town of paper it burns even brighter.
G CBut all we can see
D GAre the winding roads
G CThe cemeteries
D GAnd the broken homes
C G D EmStay today and leave tomorrow
C G D EmNo goodbyes means I will follow (x2)
Verse 3
G C Like leaves of grass
Em DYou grow your roots too fast
G CA wind blows
Em DYou find yourself down the road
G CTowards a place where
D GYou can only get lost
G CTie a knot in our strings
D GAnd you’ll find your way back
Verse 4
G CMemories alter
Em DAnd change my view of you
G C Em DMisimagined the things that we've been through
G C D Em And the people you have been
G C D GNow I see them all running
Chorous Bridge
G C D EmI looked for you under my boot-soles
G C DAll I could see were the holes
EmThat came through wear
G C D Em CAll I can think of is I want you again and again
GAnd again
C G D EmAnd we'll set our memories free
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